Ever since the Internet became popular, some have been pushing for learning to be held online. However, there were so many counter-arguments to online learning. Back then, it was difficult to maintain because the technology couldn’t keep up and we ended up losing connections every time someone called the phone! But now, given that COVID-19 is ravaging the rest of the world, it’s time to accept reality. The world has evolved, so now the method of teaching has to evolve with it. 

In what ways is Online Learning useful? Here are some ideas.

Educational TV shows are not as Structured

You’re doing fine, Dora… just not for an entire curriculum, dear.

Now, you’re probably thinking about all the educational TV shows. There’s Dora the Explorer, National Geographic, Animal Planet, and hundreds of more channels. But there’s a problem: there’s no facilitation. Basically, educational TV shows are like an info dump to the child. If there’s no clarification and interaction via facilitation then, your child will simply memorize. Not understand.

We’re pretty sure that you don’t want your child to be part of the reason why the Philippines has awful reading comprehension, do you?

Not Going Out!

Social distancing? Not needed when you’re learning at home! Online learning keeps everything at home so your child doesn’t have to go out. With COVID-19 on the loose, people are panic buying and their survival instincts are taking over, making them less bearable. So, if your child goes to school, then you’re going to have to fight that as they rush home or rush to their place of choice. But if you take online classes, there’s no need. Imagine that, you won’t have to be worried from all the news. And you’re doing what everyone said: STAY HOME. 

Clean bathrooms

One of the biggest pet peeves for any student (or any person for that matter) is that the bathrooms in public areas are often abused. There’s pee on the floor. Some children step on the toilet seat (seriously, who does that!?). Then, there’s the worse scenario: there’s no toilet paper! There is a worse scenario: no tabo (or water pail)! However, the worst scenario is that there’s no bidet! In your house, you’re well-assured that your child will have a clean bathroom (w/ bidet) to use.

Learning at Your Own Pace

Well, obviously not at this kind of speed but your own speed!

Some people don’t do well in classrooms. Some kids hate the loud noise. They hate people. They hate the falling of pencils. There’s a lot of things to hate in a crowded classroom especially when people start hollering from two rows away. With online learning, there’s none of that. You’ll be happy to know that the teacher is entirely devoted to your child’s learning and there will be none of that bullying and screaming in the classroom.

Your Helpful Facilitation!

While the teacher will be there, it’ll be helpful if you’re there to see what your child is learning. You’ll be able to clarify and make sure that your child understood the question and the concept. You can also see how your child interacts with the teacher so you can further their learning. While most teachers don’t want parents to be too invasive, it helps also if you can observe the process to watch your child learn.

It’s a Hard Time Right Now…

We all know that the Corona Virus is driving everyone crazy. Everyone is afraid of a virus that can most likely kill them if not careful. But there’s also fear for your child’s future. But not to worry, when the world decides to evolve, learning has to also. We can help you settle your child’s learning here.