Successful Children at School

Established study routines make learning fun!

Success in school and in life is a combination of parent’s dedication to attend to the needs of the child, loving environment, and academic support both from home and school.

#1 Prepare for a day of learning.

A good night’s sleep preps up your child for the challenges the following day.  According to the National Sleep Foundation of the United States, preschoolers need 10 to 13 hours of sleep every night to help them function the next day.  Children aged 6 to 13 years need 9 to 11 hours, whereas teenagers need 8 to 10 hours.  If your child gets less than these recommended hours, then s/he may not be able to functional well the next day.

Eating breakfast, the most important meal of the day, composed of whole grains, fiber, and protein is beneficial for your child’s performance in class.  A good meal fuels the brain to operate, to concentrate, and to maintain attention span.

#2 Establish organizational skills.

Organizing plays a vital role in establishing good study habits.  This teaches your child how to sustain focus, how to increase productivity, and how to be responsible for his/her things.  More importantly, it gives the brain the ability to handle patterns and find information more easily.

Help your child plot important dates like submission of specific requirements, tests, etc. in a planner.  Help label all his/her things. Encourage him/her to file pertinent document like tests, worksheets, etc. in one place for easy retrieval.  Teach how to create a to-do list in order of priority – from most important to least important.

#3 Let your child do the home work.

A cardinal rule to follow is to NEVER do your child’s home work.  Give your child ample time to relax and eat before doing his/her home work.  Allotting a specific time for home work promotes discipline and a grounded study routine.  Provide a quiet, well-lit space, and the necessary materials to encourage him/her to finish doing home work.

#4 Create the habit of studying.

Talk to your child, even at pre-school age, the importance of having good education.  Make your child perceive that pursuing education is a family endeavor.  Don’t schedule an out-of-town trip on days leading to big exams.  Remind him/her to prepare for important tests.  However, should your child encounter difficulties on a specific subject, which you don’t deem yourself well-versed in, get the help of a professional tutor.  Your child need not leave the security and privacy of your home to get help in his studies.

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