brain performance

Everyone’s looking for a way to improve their brain. Whether it’s to increase their memory or to improve their performance, there are multiple ways to improve your brain. Other than taking brain booster pills, downing a Coffee-Cobra Mix (though you really shouldn’t do that), there are ways to improve that leisurely and without stressing yourself out.


meditation improves brain performance by calming the mind down.

Meditation is one of the most common and famous mindfulness techniques. When meditating, you brain focuses on giving you full control over your body. You’ll be able to hear your own heartbeat, you’ll hear everything around you even from the quietest humming of a machine. Meditation also serves well as a way to calm oneself. And when you’re studying, your brain is useless when you start panicking.


Reading improves brain performance by breaking the routine and also enhancing vocabulary.

It doesn’t have to be your textbook. It can be your favorite book from Harry Potter to The Da Vinci Code. Choose a book of your choice. The problem nowadays is that book reading has become sparse due to the precedent other books have set before it. However, it just takes a little digging in order for you to find your favorite book. And if you’re into video games, remember that every game has a lore. And you can read into that too!


Dancing improves brain performance

No one’s expecting one of those heart-stopping routines from the Step Up movies. However, studies have shown that dancing can improve brain function. Not only does it improve your macro and micro-motor skills, it also improves brain function as your ears are stimulated by the number of beats. As your mind catches the beat, your brain has to coordinate the body to adjust. The multiple processes in the mind help your mind exercise and the adrenaline running through your body makes you more vigilant to detail.

Take a nap in the afternoon

Taking a nap

But don’t school and workplaces not like it when you sleep at work? Well true it is, however there’s a biological need for it. Originally, the body is made to take a 20 minute power nap to repair whatever stress has damaged. If you nap for 10 minutes, you become more vigilant and alert. If you nap for 20 minutes, you’ll be enhancing your memory for whatever it is you need to memorize.

You’re probably all wondering, “Wait a minute, this has nothing to do with studying!” And that is true, because breaking the routine of studying can give your brain time to recover so that you’ll be able to absorb more information later on.