Math is a tricky subject. It requires you not only to critically analyse the problem but it also requires you to know a good amount of basics before you actually get to a level that’s considered decent. But sitting down and doing Math all day can get boring except for a special select of people.

What we’ll bring to you today are apps that you can install on your phone so you can practice your Math skills without realizing it. Here are 4 games you can use to practice your math skills:

Math vs. Zombies

No, it’s not Plants vs. Zombies. Math vs. Zombies is where your kids will play as a team of highly trained scientist. As they go into the post-apocalyptic world, players need to solve mathematical equations as fast as they can in order to fight the zombies. Not only will this improve your mental math, but it’ll also kick up your calculating speed. If you want, you can even check the gameplay below:

Math vs Zombies Gameplay

Toon Math: Endless Run and Math Games

Toon Math looks similar to Temple Run save for while running, you’re solving a problem. Now, that’s a game that challenges mechanics. You can also adjust the difficulty of the equations from easy to very hard. And for kids, it’s not a bad game especially if it’s an endless kind. And since they’re using animals, kids would find themselves more amused by this game. So instead of mindlessly leaping through the game, this game will actually test math skills in a more fun way. Check out the gameplay below:

Toon Math Gameplay

Little Panda Math Genius

Android | iOS

This game is more tailored to younger kids, kids as young as 3-5 years old. And who doesn’t love pandas? If you want to just tease your brain a bit and make sure it’s still working or if you want your younger sibling to get smarter then, you can download this for them. The panda will keep them occupied for you. Check out the gameplay below if you want to download the game.

Little Panda Math Genius Gameplay

Math Duel 2

Math Duel 2
Android | iOS

Math Duel 2 is a game where two players put their math skills against each other and win. As the players battle for the top spot, this also helps kids play with other kids when it comes to Math skills. Mobile games don’t always have to promote anti-social behavior. It can also promote social behavior through games like this. Check out the gameplay below:

Math Duel 2 Gameplay

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