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Debunking Study Myths

Every student has his or her own preferences when it comes to studying. There is always that inner struggle of finding what works best and what does not, and eventually it becomes a situation of trial and error. While many methods are subjectively effective depending on the student, many studies show that there are several […]

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Apps to Boost Your Study Sessions

It’s the middle of the school year which means you may be in the middle of trying to balance your academic subjects and make sure that none is neglected. Rather than just relying on traditional methods of studying like completely depriving yourself from electronics (though nothing is wrong with this) we suggest to those who […]

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AHEAD, the leading and most awarded tutorial and review center in the Philippines, in collaboration with Stratuz, has launched apps— such as AHEAD LAW School Exam Reviewer and AHEAD LET Reviewer Apps — for Android phones. The following apps contain two sets of English reviewers with a total of 20 sample questions (for teaser apps) […]

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