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Go Bilingual!

Not many may know or even agree, but being bilingual is awesome! People, who are bilingual, like most Filipinos, are considered as brain body builders.  Brains of bilingual individuals are more efficient at language processing because of the ability to filter out unnecessary information.  Their brains have enhanced executive control of the cognitive processes that deals […]

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Futuristic Classrooms

The use of technology and gadgets is almost akin to using pen and paper. Transformations in methodology, assessment tools, and student-teacher interaction have happened over the years because of the many advancements in technology.  Globalization may, in a way, has enabled these seismic shifts in order to accommodate also people’s lifestyle changes.  Learning has now […]

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Teaching Subjects in English

AHEAD Online now offers Teaching Subjects in English.  This tutorial program teaches the core academic subject like Math to participants in their native English language, so the chances to score higher in NMAT, and LAE, or any other standardized test will most likely increase. The tutorial program may be stretched further to accommodate the needs of the […]

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Happy Moving Up Day!

With the new K-12 education in the Philippines, several schools in various cities and provinces will have the so-called Moving Up ceremony instead of the traditional graduation rites. Moving Up Moving up is a special event wherein students officially move up to their next level of education— from elementary to middle school, from middle school to […]

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5 Signs Your Child Needs a Tutor

With the newly-implemented K-12 curriculum, students are expected to learn and do more vis-à-vis taking standardized assessments that determine their future.  Although some children can adapt well to the ever changing high demands in school, others lag behind even in subjects that they are usually good at.  What’s worrisome is that not all of them seek help from […]

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The Business and Benefits of Online Tutoring

In a world where the Internet has everything (well, almost), where a book called Facebook is the most famous read, and where a parallel universe called Twitter-verse exists, it is exciting to see the successful integration of education and technology into what we call e-Learning, specifically the fast-growing industry of online tutoring. According to the […]

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