Myth Busting: Online Schooling Edition

Online schooling is a relatively new concept in our society, but it’s a growing industry. Despite the fact that more and more people are recognizing the benefits and legitimacy of online courses, it’s inevitable that some will still have apprehensions about it. Here are three common myths that we would…

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Can Screen Time be a Productive Time?

screen time

More often than not, people assume that screen time reduces the cognitive capacities of a person. However, with the progress of technology, learning may have to take place in the digital space. Later generations are now becoming what people know as “digital natives”. These “digital natives” are more accustomed to…

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What does AHEAD have to offer?

Ahead Offer

AHEAD Tutorial Center has been going strong for the last 23 years. Helping students achieve their academic goals to training professionals to become better professionals – AHEAD hasn’t stopped moving towards it advocacy: to create a better learning environment for students and to help students and professionals succeed. AHEAD has…

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