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Kids and Pop Culture: Where did they get it?

Sometimes, as a parent, you wonder where in the world your child learned certain things. It makes you back track; it makes you doubt whether you may have made a mistake something. For example, children learn cuss words a lot earlier now. They begin asking questions...

E-books: The New Textbooks

When did E-books suddenly become so popular? Was it when printing books became so expensive? Was it when the Kindle came out? But one thing's for sure, they're now everywhere. E-books became the new substitute for real books for a lot of reasons. Different factors...

Open Letter to College Students

Dear student, Congratulations! You made it into college! Whether or not it was your dream college isn’t a priority as of the moment. What matters is you have your foot in somewhere. Like they always said, a single journey always starts with a single step. And also,...


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