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4 Ways on How To Help Kids Process The Internet

The internet is a big place. And when we say big, we don't mean just backyard big. The internet is literally linking everyone on the globe. As one of the reasons for the hasty and speedy globalization, the internet is what allows kids to communicate, learn, and even...

Kids and Pop Culture: Where did they get it?

Sometimes, as a parent, you wonder where in the world your child learned certain things. It makes you back track; it makes you doubt whether you may have made a mistake something. For example, children learn cuss words a lot earlier now. They begin asking questions...

Social Media: The New Google?

When Facebook became a thing, nobody expected it would become the new source of information. Nowadays, people would rely on social media to get their information. People go to social media to find out the latest trends, what's happening around the world, and all the...

5 Tips to Learning a New Language

Learning a new language is fun. Once you get the hang of it, you're able to communicate with other people and you get to make your own secret messages. Having another language can also help you get out of certain awkward social situations. And if you're planning to go...


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