Almost all parents will probably be in agreement with each other that there exists no foolproof parenting style in relating and disciplining children.  Modern-day children are totally different from the kind of children decades ago.  However, there remain some constants in parenting which is applicable to any generation a child belongs to.

Here are some things modern parents like you should keep in mind:

Do Not Hound Your Kids’ Social Media Accounts

Most kids today already have their own social media accounts which serve as the kind of diary adults used to have in the past.  Being a diary, it’s like a sacred ground wherein no one’s allowed to enter.   Nothing is wrong in checking your kids’ social media accounts; you are just being mindful.  However, liking or posting comments on their every post might potentially embarrass them especially if it has nothing to do with you.

Do Not Go Over their Messages

Going over the messages in your kids’ smartphone or any device is a big taboo.  Like in their social media accounts, kids also keep their messages under lock and key.  Looking at the messages, even if it is just taking a peek at them is a big invasion of privacy.  Just stay clear of this unless you have a really good reason to do so.

Do Not Be Closed-Minded

Events and things in the world evolve at such a fast pace.  As parents, you should, of course, think about your kids’ well-being. Stay on this path, but explore the world also with your child to see and appreciate it through his/her lens.

Remember, there are no laws on how to become a perfect parent so just stick to your principles and deal with things as they go along.