Diary writing has now become techie.

With the proliferation of social networking sites, most kids can now express themselves easily even if it is composed of only 40 characters in Twitter or a rambling post or comment in Facebook.  The important thing to note is that—kids are expressing themselves even in mundane writing.  More importantly, writing is a skill that almost all adults would like a child to develop.

Encouraging kids to start “blogging” early has been perceived to have some useful benefits.  In fact, some schools use blogging as a writing assessment.  So, egging your child to start his/her own blog early may help reap the following rewards as they mature.

Develops Passion and Self-Expression

Anything under the sun can be expressed in a blog.  Kids, who are introverts, can use blogging sites as a vehicle for self-expression without the threat of having a live audience in front.  Whatever a kid’s passion may be, s/he has all liberty to write it in a blog.

Develops and Refines Writing Skills

Having the gift for writing is NOT a prerequisite in writing a blog.  A blog is not graded by a teacher (unless given as an assessment).  Blogging can serve as an avenue for free writing without the fear of outright error correction.  As your kid progresses in writing blogs, s/he eventually learns the skills of proofreading, self-correcting, and rewriting while applying the grammar concepts s/he has learned in school.

Online Portfolio

Before you know it, your child has already created his/her own online portfolio, which you can check to see how much s/he has progressed in writing in terms of content and style.

If you want your child to start with his/her blog, check out some of these blogging sites: WordPress.com, Weebly.com, Tumblr.com, and Medium.com.