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Impeccable Resources for Online Research

By Kelvin Cabrera In this so-called post-truth era of fake news, doing your research online can be a tricky endeavor. Online trolls abound the internet to mislead people about current events, spread hoaxes and propaganda, or even deny the latest scientific findings (such as climate change being dangerous for our planet) or revise history (e.g., […]

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What’s Your Learning Style?

As a teacher, you know that there are multiple facets of personalities present in every classroom; as such, you adjust to each one them.  However, teaching becomes a nail-biting experience because you know that there is no one-size-fits-all formula especially when you have students who lag behind, score low on quizzes, or do not hit […]

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Online Tutoring

The rising demand for tutorial lessons via the Internet has given the best online tutors a heftier value on the pay scale. Consequently, this influx in demand makes the profession even more competitive. Online tutoring companies take pride in employing expert tutors who are academic achievers while complementing their acquired knowledge with further training.  This […]

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Interactive ESL

The interactive concept of English as a Second Language (ESL) is as important as learning the language from books and other resources. This would not only come in handy in real life conversations but also in the IELTS and TOEFL, which also have speaking tests. Given that, here are some tips to make ESL learning […]

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Go Bilingual!

Not many may know or even agree, but being bilingual is awesome! People, who are bilingual, like most Filipinos, are considered as brain body builders.  Brains of bilingual individuals are more efficient at language processing because of the ability to filter out unnecessary information.  Their brains have enhanced executive control of the cognitive processes that deals […]

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The How To’s of Looking into a Graduate Program

Get your first impression Visit the website of the university that offers the graduate program you want.  Look into the following information: The details of the program The pertinent information about the available courses in the university and the teachers/professors/instructors who handle the courses The established partnerships of the universities with foreign universities The popular or well-respected alumni […]

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