• Learn as you would learn in an actual classroom.
  • Our curricula are based on globally trusted resource/reference.
  • Comprehensive assessment conducted in-person.

We Teach Neutral English

Unlike other ESL service providers, our courses will allow you to speak in neutral English, an accent that is not discernable as originating in any specific region. When conversing with a person or a group of person’s, you’d want audience/s to focus on your message and not on your accent. In other words, you want the accent to be transparent, unnoticeable, or neutral.


The English Language in the New Normal
by: Kimiko Sy | May 23, 2020

Our new normal, while forcing us to physically distance ourselves from the people around us, also made us realize how wide our sphere of influence truly is – with our global connections now made accessible by online communication. Are you prepared for it?


What application do you use to conduct the classes?

All classes are conducted online using the Google Education Suite.

ESL Programs



  •  Class duration: 80 hours
  • CEFR equivalent level A1

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Pre Intermediate

  • Class duration: 80 hours
  • CEFR equivalent level B1

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Upper Intermediate

  • Class duration: 80 hours
  • CEFR equivalent level C1

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Learning English for international competitions

“Learning English has made me more confident in my interactions with other people. What I like about being in Ahead Online is that they teach me neutral English so I know that, everywhere I go, people can understand my kind of English unlike those with very thick English accents. Because of this, I feel like I’m more capable in participating in conferences, seminars, and even competitions, and I know that this will be a significant step towards opening up more opportunities for me in the future.”

Our Teachers

Possess excellent communication skills and can work with children or adult students of varied ages from diverse backgrounds.

Teacher Dave

Teacher Ashley

Teacher Patrick

Teacher Renz

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